A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This game was made with LÖVE the lua based game engine.

Node Collector is about collecting nodes (go figure) these little white spheres that give you points, get them instantly and you will get 100, wait too long and get -100. Every so often a square will change color, this is bad, get to it in time to destroy it, this is good.

- Use arrows for movement
- Press "m" to mute the music
- For credits such as music, fonts, and sound effects, view the included "READ ME" file

* I have noway of testing the game on platforms other than windows so the mac version might not work at all. However the ".love" file should work everywhere......I think.

Install instructions


Simply right-click and extract the zip. You'll find a Node_Collector.exe file, double-click that to play.


I don't have a mac so I don't know if this even works or not to be perfectly honest. Worse case scenario you can go the Node_Collector_love route.


Head to https://love2d.org/ and install LÖVE. Once that's complete you should be able to run Node_Collector.love.


Node_Collector_win.zip 12 MB
Node_Collector_osx.zip 13 MB
Node_Collector_love.zip 9 MB

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